This programme grant consists of a series of inter-related studies; a retrospective study looking back at previous patients, a prospective study investigating new patients and an Intervention study to change practise; The over-arching aim is to better understand and improve the outcomes of encephalitis for the benefit of patients.

The research will be based around three patient populations:

  • A cohort of patients who had encephalitis previously, who were recruited between 2005 and 2008 during the Department of Health-funded Health Protection Agency study of the Aetiology of Encephalitis in England (the HPA cohort)
  • A new large 4-year multi-centre prospective cohort study of adults and children with suspected encephalitis across the UK which will recruit in 60 hospitals
  • Patients with suspected encephalitis, on whom data will be collected through a cluster randomised controlled trial of guidelines implementation which will be conducted in 20 hospitals